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Town of Urbana

Steuben County, New York est. 1822

Forms & Applications

Keuka Lake - Town of Urbana

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Building Code

Area Variance Application * (PDF; 169KB)

A request to relax the regulations pertaining to the building code, based on the configuration of your property. *This form requires the SEQR to be filled out.

Building Department Fee Schedule (PDF; 131KB)

Application fees as set forth by the Town Board.

Camper Permit Application (PDF; 71KB)

A permit for placing your camper on a residence that is not your own.

Concept Review Application (PDF; 275KB)

This is the step before a Site Plan. The applicant gives an overview of the plan to the board, so that the board can give suggestions for the full Site Plan.

Dock and Mooring Permit Application (PDF; 260KB)

Permit application for any new docks or changes to existing docks.

Full Environmental Assessment Form Part 1 (PDF; 993KB)

This form to be completed upon request of a Full Environmental Assessment.

Master Application (PDF; 194KB)

Request for Administrative Appeal (PDF; 22KB)

A request to the Board of Appeals to review an official decision made by the Code Enforcement Officer.

Short Environmental Assessment Form Part 1 (SEQR) (PDF; 181KB)

This environmental assessment form is to be filled out alongside other applications. They are marked with a *, and it is listed in their description.

Sign Application (PDF; 391KB)

The application for placing a sign that is not on your own property, advertising a business.

Site Plan Review Application* (PDF; 27KB)

This is the application detailing your full plan for your property to be submitted to the board. The SEQR must be filled out alongside this application.

Solar Permit Application (PDF; 135KB)

The NYS application to apply for the use of solar technology on your property.

Special Use Permit Application (PDF; 161KB)

The form to apply for a permit for a specific use of your property.

Subdivision Part 1 (PDF; 382KB)

The first part of creating a subdivision on your property.

Subdivision Part 2* (PDF; 51KB)

The second part of a subdivision permit, to be done upon request. *A SEQR form must also be filled out alongside this application.

Use Variance Application* (PDF; 204KB)

A Use Variance allows landowners to use their land in a way not permitted under the zoning law. The short form SEQR must be filled out with this application.

Vending Permit Application (PDF; 67KB)

Application for a permit for vending in the Town of Urbana.

Town Clerk

Application for Exclusive Use of Park Facilities (PDF; 150KB)

Required for use of Town Parks by organizations sponsoring an event which will result
in restricting park use to other types of activities.

Application for Non-Exclusive Use of Park Facilities (PDF; 140KB)

Required for use of Town Parks by individuals or organizations sponsoring an event which will not result in restricting park use to other types of activities.

Boat Launch - Rules For Use of Facilities (PDF; 131KB)

Complaint of Violation (PDF; 60KB)

File a request for Town officials to investigate a potential zoning or code violation.

Freedom of Information Request (FOIL) Form (PDF; 22KB)

The official form for requesting information from the Town of Urbana through the Freedom of Information Law.

Non-Resident Boat Launch Agreements (PDF; 224KB)

Resident Boat Launch Agreements (PDF; 534KB)