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Town of Urbana

Steuben County, New York est. 1822

Parks & Recreation

Waterfront Project

History of the Waterfront Project

2015- The Hammondsport Urbana Waterfront Master Plan was completed. 
This Master Plan was a result of a 10 month community process that addressed the following:  Community Character and Design, Parks and Public Access to the Water, Trails, Land Used and Development, and Infrastructure. The proposed draft plan of 2015, is a work in progress. The final plans are yet to be determined.

2018- Empire State Grant
This grant was awarded to renovate the public pier at Champlin Beach.  The acceptance letter states:  "As we understand the project, the Town will invest in tourism infrastructure at Champlin on the southern end of Keuka Lake. The project will consist of demolition and reconstruction of the existing pier, upgrades to the existing parking lot to include paving, striping, and lighting, and the construction of other recreational amenities. The project will occur in the Town of Urbana , Steuben County.  Total investment for the project is estimated at  $2,062,500.00 an incentive valued at $410,000."

"To encourage you to proceed with this project, we are offering the Town of Urbana an incentive valued at $410,000.  State: 20%  Town: 80%

The major contributor to this project backed out. After that, the grant was re-purposed by NY to apply toward the pier and not the creation of “a number of jobs”, the % remains the same, if the Town spends less, the state share would be reduced.

2018- Department of State Grant for Keuka Lake Waterfront Access Improvements
This grant is intended to build a bridge and a boardwalk to connect Curtiss Park to Champlin Beach.  The contract funding amount is: $683,603.00. The current contract period is from 8/1/2018-7/23/2023.  State: 75%  Town: 25%

2018/2019- Search for Project Consultant 
The Town released an RFP to procure a consultant or a consultant team to provide architectural and engineering services for the Waterfront and Pier Projects.

March 2019- Saratoga and Associates is hired as the Consultant Team
The Urbana Town Board held its regular meeting on Tuesday March 19, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Hall, 8014 Pleasant Valley Road, Bath, New York and voted  to hire Saratoga and Associates as the Consultant Team.

On a motion made by Councilman Presley, seconded by Councilman Stull and carried, all voting Aye to authorize Supervisor Webster to sign the Pier Contract with Saratoga Associates.

On a motion made by Deputy Supervisor Shaw, seconded by Councilman Stull and carried with the following roll call vote to have Supervisor Webster sign the Bridge contract with Saratoga Associates once it is ready:

Councilwoman Turner: Nay
Councilman Presley: Aye
Councilman Stull Aye
Deputy Supervisor Shaw: Aye
Supervisor Webster: Aye

Thursday May 23, 2019 - Public Meeting
A public meeting was held at the Hammondsport Central School. Saratoga gave a presentation on the overall project and received input from the community.

June 18, 2019- There was a regular board meeting where there was a detailed discussion about the Pier Project. Click here to read the board notes.

October 1, 2019- an RFP was issued to Tour Boat Operators to submit a proposal to the Town. Proposals were received by Lance Locey-Keuka Watersports; Alan Locey- Keuka Boat Tours, Inc. and the Finger Lakes Boating Museum.

October 1, 2019- An RFP was issued to Marina operators to submit a proposal to the Town. One proposal from Lance Locey-Keuka Watersports was received.

December 17, 2020- Pier Project Update at a Board Meeting
At the last board meeting the board authorized the committee of Supervisor Webster, Councilman Presley and David Oliver to sit with Keuka Watersports, Inc. and Keuka Boat Tours, Inc. to discuss the bids that they submitted. Over a 5 year time period for the Marina and Tour Boats, we are guaranteed $129,400 that can be used to pay the bond costs that we would have on a yearly basis. Keuka Watersports, Inc. and Keuka Boat Tours, Inc. will purchase a performance bond once bonding for the Pier Projects has been approved by the public. The committee is recommending awarding the Marina Bid to Keuka Watersports, Inc. and the Tour Boat bid to Keuka Boat Tours, Inc. and Finger Lakes Boating Museum.  Attorney Ryan needs to write the licenses and will also get all the required paperwork that was stated in the RFP’s. 

On a motion made by Councilman Presley, seconded by Councilwoman Turner, to award the Marina bid to Keuka Watersports, Inc. and to award the Tour Boat Bid to Finger Lakes Boating Museum and Keuka Boat Tours, Inc. and to further direct Attorney Ryan to start the license work, was carried with the following roll call vote:    

Councilwoman Turner:       Aye                                                         
Councilman Presley:          Aye                                 
Deputy Supervisor Shaw:    Aye                                                          
Councilman  Stull:             Aye                                     
Supervisor Webster:          Aye                                   

February 2020 - The Town of Urbana and Saratoga Associates held another Community Forum. The goal of the meeting was to discuss the project to date and to talk about upcoming and future projects. Click here for the Powerpoint presentation.

May 2020- A Request for Bids was released for the Keuka Lake Access Improvement Project (Curtiss Park/Bridge/Boardwalk)  Five bids were submitted and they all came back considerably higher than originally projected. 

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